“I also had to learn in taking pictures how to develop a personal vision; how to express my own feelings about it, and in order to do that, I had to get in touch with my own feelings and…through photography, through the discipline of the frame, I learned about the world, it became the way I discovered the world, and it also became the way in which I discovered myself.”
— James Nachtwey (via patrickjoust)

My path, precisely…

It’s only a bit of rain… #42nd&8th #lumixlounge #25lux #nyc #mikepetersdotcom

Waiting… #42nd&8th #lumixlounge #gx7 #25lux #mikepetersdotcom

Follow your heart, or lose your soul. You decide. #lumixlounge #gx7 #25lux #mikepetersdotcom #nyc #subway

Waiting for a friend to go to a concert, concerned that she had too much makeup on. #lumixlounge #gx7 #25lux #mikepetersdotcom

Not everyone was having fun in NYC on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum. #lumixlounge #gx7 #15lux #metmuseum #mikepetersdotcom

Tools of the trade - Panasonic Leica 15mm Summilux

Being a photographer requires a number of tools. As a bit of a gear head, I like mechanical things like motorcycles and most anything with nuts and bolts that moves, allows me to appreciate fine instruments that work flawlessly. 

Leica has been one of those iconic brands that has filled the fine instrument niche for a good long time. They have teamed up with Panasonic to design lenses for them, and the results have been pretty special so far. 

Today I will concentrate on the 15mm Summilux lens. I don’t do lens tests, but I do make many photos with a variety of lenses, and have used lenses from Leica M & R, Zeiss for Hasselblad, Contax, Rollei and Zeiss M mount, Nikon, Canon L, Mamiya RZ & 6, Bronica S and PS, and Voigtlander. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sublime over the years.

This particular lens falls into the sublime category. Sharp everywhere at any aperture, great contrast, resistant to flare and possessing a great clarity that makes it seem totally transparent. This clarity gives images a 3 dimensional feel that is enhanced by the neutrality of the out of focus areas in front of and behind the point of focus. It’s a kind of quality that does not draw attention to itself, but gets out of the way to just give a very natural looking image.

The focal length is just right, being wide enough, but not too wide as to be distorted. For me, it’s the perfect wide compliment to my 25mm lens. I own a 12mm prime, and it is a bit too broad and distorted to be used in many situations when photographing people. 

Ok, enough yammering, here’s some photos taken with this lens. Please note, no pixels were harmed in the making of these images. -Mike

Leap of faith. Sometimes we all have to take one. #hasselblad #coneyisland #film #mikepetersdotcom

@photovillage Trying out a 25mm Voigtlander Nokton f0.95. Nice, if only I could justify it. #gx7 #mikepetersdotcom

Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun! #selfie #workingpictures #whatidoeveryday #gh4 #12-35lumix #msu #mikepetersdotcom #fun #lumixlounge

#42nd_&_8th_nyc #mikepeters #gx7 #25lux #photpgraphspeople I’ve been shooting here for 4 years and it never gets old, but the challenge of getting good images never gets any easier. #lumixlounge

Liam Cunningham: friend, mentor, wise man, photographer. #gx7 #15lux #mikepeters #myhero #lumixlounge

In case you were wondering… #mikepeters

So, you want to take a class in MIS? What the hell is MIS? Sure looks serious. - Ross Malaga is a Professor @montclairstateuniversity #gh4 #25lux #mikepeters #lumixlounge



On Saturday in Bryant Park in NYC I had photographed a man using a cell phone on a retractable arm to make a video of himself, his wife and their child. It was nothing special really, I had been photographing photographers shooting and looking at photographs throughout my travels that day, so it…

Ethicality is not never annoying someone. Accommodating peoples’ ignorance and narcissism is an unfair burden for photographers to shoulder.  

At what point does accommodation become oppression? Something to think about.